Our latest planning permissions from April and May 2021:

Two-storey Extension in Wiltshire

Fowlers secured planning permission for a part two storey and part single-storey extension to this house in Wiltshire. The house is recorded as being on the local heritage list, although it is not listed.

During the application, we were able to agree with the Council to making some design alterations. These included a new balcony above the single-storey extension. The project team were also asked for extra information on biodiversity and bat mitigation at the site.

The new extension creates an open plan kitchen and family space downstairs, and a master suite upstairs. Fowlers are now working on the technical design drawings. As well as the extension, we are pursuing planning permission for a sustainable energy supply to serve the site.

Listed Building Kitchen Extension in Wiltshire

In late 2020, Fowlers submitted an application for a kitchen extension to a listed building in Wiltshire.

Initially, the conservation officer had significant concerns over the form and size of the proposal. They concluded that it resulted in an ‘awkward addition with a negative impact on the buildings significance and setting’. The design was then amended by Fowlers to provide a modern, almost entirely glazed, flat roof extension, to contrast with the traditional mainly thatched listed house. We also coordinated an external heritage expert to prepare a statement in support of the new design. As a result, the conservation officer was satisfied with the changes proposed and the supporting evidence provided. They agreed that no harm would be caused to the significance of the listed building and the application was approved in April 2021.

This application faced significant delays due to the covid-19 lockdown, because the council were unable to visit site at first. However, we are pleased to get a good result for our clients, and the new glazed extension will be a great addition to this characterful home.

Listed Building Consent in Berkshire

Fowlers have previously secured permission to convert a granary barn at a Grade II Listed Building in West Berkshire.

Although the barn itself is not listed, the Council confirmed it is curtilage listed, due to being close to the main house. After works were completed, we helped our client apply for listed building consent to remove an external staircase and add a new internal staircase. Under the previous application, there was concern about the alteration of this external staircase due to it being a traditional feature, with objections to the provision of a small roof covering. However based on the new design, the case officer agreed that the works would not cause any harm to the significance of the listed building

The next step for our clients is to apply for a swimming pool and garage, which will require an equally sensitive approach.

Pub Extension in Wiltshire

Fowlers have secured permission for the extension of a village pub in Wiltshire.

The application was for two single storey extensions to provide a private dining room and improved kitchen and prep area, allowing the local business to increase its covers and cater for demand.

While the community and Parish Council were supportive of the proposals, there was concern over the potential increase in parking requirements as a result of the new floorspace. Discussions between Fowlers and the Council led to any Officer objection about the parking needs being withdrawn, given the constraints on the site to provide additional space.

Additionally it was argued that a condition being recommended by the Environmental Health officer for a Noise Impact Assessment was unreasonable and unnecessary. Following acknowledgement of this by the Case Officer, the application was approved without the condition.

Listed Building Extension in Wiltshire

Our clients wanted help getting a first floor extension to a conference hall in a Wiltshire village. Following a negative decision in 2019, Fowlers were able to navigate the councils concerns and have recently secured approval for the works.

The site is in the grounds of a Grade II listed building and the conservation team had concerns in 2019 that the extension would result in an over development of the site and harm the significance of the listed building. The need for additional space was pressing, as the charitable organisation occupying the site was expanding. Therefore, Fowlers worked with an independent heritage expert to revise the design, reflecting the existing buildings on site.

Unfortunately, the conservation officer’s concerns remained in place and a recommendation for refusal was made to the case officer. Fowlers advised the clients to continue the process and sought to determine the public benefits that would result from the proposal. Following an additional statement being put to the case officer about the public benefits of the scheme, the application was immediately approved.

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