Appeal won in Wiltshire

Fowlers have successfully won a planning appeal following a virtual hearing. The permission is for a new contemporary detached home located outside of a settlement boundary in Wiltshire.

The site is located outside of a recently adopted settlement boundary, however the Inspector agreed the site is closely related to the village in physical terms and there would be some choice of modes of travel for future residents. It was held that the spatial strategy of the development plan would not be seriously undermined due to the limited scale and proximate location of the home.

The Inspector welcomed the contemporary design in the Conservation Area, which would introduce a new detached dwelling in a combination of single and two storeys. The design would employ a flat, sedum covered roof and vertical timber cladding walls. The Inspector commented that the combination of rounded corners and flat roof would be reminiscent of some 1930’s architecture but the choice of materials would result in a distinctive attractive contemporary dwelling. On that basis, the building would depart from the more traditional built form nearby. However, established landscape features would be preserved. Also, the muted tones and natural appearance of the sedum roof and timber cladding, in combination with the unobtrusive siting and modest roof height, would mean that the additional built form would be assimilated into the surrounding greenery. The Inspector held that the proposal not result in harm to the character and appearance of the area and moreover, would preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

Details of the appeal can be read via Planning Inspectorate reference 3261201.

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