Which consultants will I need?

Why do I need third-party consultants?

Third party consultants are specialists in their field. There are three main reasons why you might need to involve them in your project:

We need them to facilitate our design work (e.g. topographical surveys)

They are a requirement of the Local Authority in order to process your application (e.g. heritage analyses for Listed Buildings)

The findings could affect the timescale of your project (e.g. ecology surveys for Protected Species)

Which consultants will I need?

Could my project be affected by bats?

If your project meets one or more of the following criteria, you could have bats.

  • weather boarding or hanging tiles
  • close to wooded area
  • close to water
  • pre-1914 building with gable ends, tiled or slate roofs
  • agricultural buildings (e.g. farmhouses, barns and outbuildings) of traditional brick or stone construction and/or with exposed wooden beams
  • demolition (full or part) of any building within the curtilage of a Listed Building constructed prior to 1 July 1948

Having bats does not mean your project will not go ahead. Most projects can continue mostly as normal with bats or other Protected Species present on site. The biggest potential impact is on the timing of the construction works, which can sometimes be restricted. We can guide you through any Protected Species requirements as necessary.

Protected Species licence charges

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